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People have been given cannabis tablets, pills, and powders for a long time, just to get them going. The prescription rate for marijuana is higher in places like Colorado than it is in states like Oregon and Washington State (a very small rate for the majority of states in the US). Some experts claim that the government has been manipulating and suppressing marijuana legalization by deliberately discouraging use. The government, as stated above, is deliberately preventing users from using the drug, which can produce serious side-effects including hallucinations, delusions and other health problems. Cannabis is not a narcotic. It is a safe, legal drug. It does not have an addictive potential, and can cause psychosis and other health problems. Smoking marijuana does not cause people to lose all their ability to control their behavior, or feel happy or happy. It does not decrease one's sense of well-being and enjoyment. What is the highest mg of Abstral?

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