Digital Sima | Thecus® becomes an Intel® Storage Builder Strategy Partner
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Thecus® becomes an Intel® Storage Builder Strategy Partner
17 Feb 17

10/27/2016 Thecus® Technology Corp, has proudly become an Intel® Storage Builder Partner. This program supports members that leverage Intel® architecture, to propel storage innovation and to accelerate optimized solutions to market. Intel® Storage Builder members are given access to the tools, resources, and support they need to push boundaries and develop next gen storage solutions for the enterprise and cloud.

“Thecus® is pleased to join the Intel® Storage Builders program. The Intel® Builders program provides Thecus® with a powerful ecosystem of open collaboration between storage solution communities across data center environments. This now enables Thecus® to work further in unison with Intel® to deliver true innovation and advancement in the storage industry.” said Florence Shih, General Manager of Thecus®.

Thecus® has integrated Intel’s industry leading hardware and security into their products for over a decade, this alliance has led Thecus® to develop a powerful presence in the Network Attached Storage industry. With the addition of Thecus® into the Intel® Storage Builder program, Thecus® is perfectly primed to bring true storage innovation and greater advancements in reliability and performance to their global users.

To access Thecus’Intel® Storage Builder microsite, go to:

For more information about the Intel® Storage Builder program, go to:

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