Company Profile

Digital SIMA was established in 1988 and gained specialization in subjects of LAN and WAN networking.

Digital SIMA distributes quality products and solutions, through a network of authorized partners, covering Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

Today Digital SIMA focuses on the distribution of products and solutions for businesses, in the following areas:

– Network Infrastructure

– Information Systems Security

– Data Storage

– Cloud Solutions


Digital SIMA’s main areas of interest are:

  • Information Systems Security Solutions.
  • Services to comply with regulatory frameworks for security and availability of information.
  • Email Servers and communication protection.
  • Storage / Backup / Business Continuity Solutions.
  • Cloud services for the availability of data and applications.
  • Cloud services for secure e-mail services.
  • Wired and wireless networking equipment (LAN & WAN) .


Digital SIMA’s activities include:

  • Sales of equipment and software in the specialized fields.
  • Providing services of it security audit and compliance.
  • Providing cloud services with emphasis on the areas of secure communication, Backup & Disaster Recovery.
  • Designing solutions and providing consulting services.
  • Implementation services of the proposed solutions.


Digital SIMA’s main values are:

Ongoing partner support

The company offers support to its partners throughout the entire sales cycle.

In addition Digital SIMA provides free technical support.

Acquisition and transmission of know-how

The technical department consists of experienced and specialized engineers, certified by the cooperating vendors.

The company regularly organizes free training seminars for its partners.

Selection of vendors with quality criteria

The company cooperates with leading vendors based on the quality of their products and the ratio value/performance.

Company's History

2016 Cloud Service (Disaster Recovery)

2014 Department of Data Security Services

2012 Cloud Services (Mailgr, ClearSpam)

2011 Cloud Services (Backup365, Smart SSL)

2009 Department of Storage and Data Protection

2008 Creation of metropolitan broadband network, for a Municipality

2005 Connection of buildings through Laser 1G

2004 Integrated regional security UTM solutions

2000 Department of networks’ security

1999 Implementation of xDSL στα 2 Μbps devices

1998 Wireless network 2 Mbps, in order to cover an entire province

1996 Cooperation with ISPs to equipe their nodes

1995 Connection of WAN networks through Routers

1993 Implementation of multiplexers Voice / Data on leased circuits

1991 Installation of Panhellenic X.25 Network for a Public Service

1990 Connection of branches through multiplexers

1989 Modem installation at 2400 kbps on BBS - forerunners of today's ISPs

1988 Foundation of Digital SIMA